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When: Tuesday at 11:00.a.m. - Noon

When: Friday at 09:30.a.m. - 10:30.a.m.

Where: Chew Magna Baptist Church School Rooms



Singaholics is a fun singing group for women! Led by vocal coach Caroline Lowe, the group sings music of all styles and there's always something for everyone. 


There's no need to read music or to have ever sung in a choir before - all the music is taught by ear or via word sheets and everyone is welcome. 

At Singaholics, we sing all sorts of music - pop, gospel, show tunes, folk, world music so there's something for everyone!


Singaholics sing just for fun - it's great to sing with other people and enjoy the experience that group singing provides. There's always something new to learn about vocal technique each week that will give you more singing confidence and enable you to create the best sound possible. 

There are 3 Singaholics sessions/groups each week during term time. You can come to one or all of them, or mix and match which ever one suits your diary! 

Tuesdays 11.00-12.00pm in Chew Magna Baptist Hall

Fridays 9.30-10.30am in Chew Magna Baptist Hall

Fridays 11.30-12.30pm in Farmborough Memorial Hall


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Chew Magna Baptist Church Host Singaholics
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