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Working in our Community 


Chew Magna Baptist church works hard to fully engage within its local community, as we believe it is important to offer support and spiritual growth for all ages within our community.


We take every opportunity we can to be, and share, the Good News with those around us.

For our community groups we open our doors wide for non Christians to have the opportunity to experience our church with a number of  events at Christmas and Easter. With the contacts that we have, the many invitations do result in some attendance on Sundays. 


During the course of the year we have a range of events which are particularly geared towards drawing in those who are on, and beyond, the fringe of church life.


Traditional events in the Christian calendar such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas are times when we particularly seek to reach out to those outside and provide events which are accessible to those who are not-yet Christians, as well as organising events such as the Big Get2Gether, The Zone Holiday Club, All age celebrations.


We run a monthly Breakfast session “Open House” on every 2nd Saturday of the month. All of these generally attract those who may not consider coming to church regularly but who look to support the church, and enjoy meeting in a relaxed environment.


Chew Magna Baptist Church also likes to work with other local churches to support them in the outreach to their communities.


We support on an ongoing basis a number of charities which have a strong tie to Chew Magna Baptist church, such as the Sisters of the church in St. Paul's which greatly help their community with food, support and resources. We also support 'Helping His Hungarian Heroes' which works hard to set up new churches and provide buildings and resources for congregations who meet in Hungary and Romania.     

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