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Chew Magna Baptist Church
Chew Magna Church
Chew Magna Baptist Church
Chew Magna Baptist Church

Hello, and welcome.

Come and be a part of our church family


We meet in Chew Magna Baptist church in Chew Magna but we live all over the Chew Valley and in the surrounding villages.


What unites us is our relationship with Jesus Christ. We have discovered that He is real – not just a real historical figure in the past but a living personal God, and He is the answer to our deepest needs and the fulfillment of our strongest longings.


We are a church family of all ages and stages within our christian learning. We come together on Sundays to worship God, to enjoy friendship with one another and to be inspired and challenged by preaching which releases the energy of the text of the Bible so it can transform our lives.


We want to give a warm welcome to everyone, especially to those who are new to either Christianity or Chew Valley.


Why not come and visit us this Sunday? 

Chew Magna Baptist Church
Chew Magna Baptist Church






(Winford Baptist Church 5pm)


Our standard time to start our Sunday Service is 10:00.a.m. at Chew Magna Baptist Church, but this can change. For time and/or venue change due to alternative services, please see below:
We are now meeting regularly on Sunday mornings in the church building. 

We would appreciate it that you do not attend if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive.

The sermon is usually recorded and posted either on the CMBC You Tube channel or the CYBN You Tube Channel for those who have missed it or are interested. 


Please also let us know of any need or matter for prayer.  

 For any information, please contact Margaret Blakey : 07990 558785  or



Chew and Yeo Baptist Network

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:                

“In repentance and rest is your salvation,
   in quietness and trust is your strength,"
Isaiah 30:15

You can find our weekly message on our own CMBC OR CYBN  You Tube Channel

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