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House Groups

When:  Various Group During the Week in the Afternoon & Evenings

Where: Different Locations around the Valley

In any church we need to find ways to get to know people better so that mutual support is possible.

Housegroups are one of the most important ways of deepening relationships and providing a place for mutual care and encouragement.

Chew Magna Baptist Church runs a number of local friendly house groups, which enables us to meet together to study the word of the LORD in more detail, this involves using different types of study material.


A housegroup usually has 6-10 people, who meet together once a week in someone’s home for Bible study, discussion and prayer. Every group is different, but the aim is always to encourage and support one another, to develop fellowship within the church and to deepen in our knowledge and love of God.

Typically a group will start at 8pm with a Bible study lasting about an hour. This will then be followed by a time of prayer (for each other, the work of the church and world issues). We also have House groups that meet in the daytime.


It is a great way to meet new people in the community and also get closer to the Lord.

You are made most welcome and you can participate in a way that you feel most relaxed, you are not forced to read out loud or pray out loud, only engage in a way that you are most comfortable with.


To find out more and details of your nearest group contact Margaret for more information 

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