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Our Church 

What sort of Church are we?

Chew Magna Baptist  Church is part of the Christian Church in the Chew Valley and co-operate enthusiastically with friends in the other Christian communities, sharing in joint initiatives.


The Bible shows us that God is a God of relationships. The Trinity demonstrates the relationship between God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Church life reflects this. So as a church …


  • We organise social events that provide people an opportunity to have fun and get to know each other in a non-threatening environment.

  • We offer introductory courses geared to the needs of those seeking to explore Christianity and provide opportunities for questions and discussion.

  • We provide a range of worship and learning activities suitable for all age-groups. We encourage a deepening understanding of the Christian faith and an increasing commitment to Jesus Christ.

  • We're a friendly and relaxed community and are used to welcoming visitors and helping them feel at ease.

  • We enjoy singing praises to God. Our talented musicians lead us in modern worship songs and older hymns, sometimes upbeat and triumphant, sometimes quiet and reflective.


Our Aim

To be part of God's loving family in the Chew Valley, growing spiritually and in number.


Principles and Values

  • Giving God our Best

  • Encouraging all to grow in Christ

  • Caring for People's personal needs

  • priesthood of all believers

  • God can meet with us in more ways and places then we use at present

  • Working in partnership not competition with other churches

  • Sharing our blessings to enable the growth and encouragement of God's kingdom worldwide


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